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What Is MalwareWhat Is Malware

Learn about different Malware All people running Microsoft Operating systems should use anti virus software. There is a list of free software you can get from here. A lot of the free Virus software today will only protect you against Virus’s. So what you also need is some software which will protect you against

What is a TrojanWhat is a Trojan

Theses are very malicious programs, and it is quite possible if you have been infected you were doing something you should not be. The most common way to get infected is by downloading another program you probably have been using a peer to peer program to download software that you

Computer WormComputer Worm

What is a Worm? It is Malware Worms This particular Malware is quite nasty as it can put an awful lot of strain on your computers resources it can spread it’s nastiness without your interaction. Most pc’s have 2 lights on the front of them, the first light is permanently

Free Anti VirusFree Anti Virus

free malware protection free malware protection Most peole have heard of a pc virus or the term Malware, here you will find a list of free anti virus software, Malware detection and Malware removal software to help keep your pc clean from the likes of viruses, adware, spyware and generaly