Decimal To Binary Converter

You can convert decimal to binary with some basic software I created. All you need to do is type in the decimal number you want converted and press the convert button.

This software is good for people who are learning about computer networks ie IP addressing. It is good because it converts decimal numbers from 0 – 255 into 8 bit binary. 8 bit binary is the equivalent to an Octet. Not wanting to delve in to that to much, but it takes 4 octets to make a valid ip address. ie

This is a very small application that will save you time searching online every time you want to convert a simple decimal number to binary. Please if you are learning ow to convert do not think this is a replacement. If in doubt about converting ten learn the hard way at the link below.

If you want to say thanks then spread the word and plus1 me on my home page.

You can also visit my other page which has software for converting an IP address

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