Free Anti Virus

free malware protection

free malware protection

Most peole have heard of a pc virus or the term Malware, here you will find a list of free anti virus software, Malware detection and Malware removal software to help keep your pc clean from the likes of viruses, adware, spyware and generaly free from junk.

It is a good idea to delete the installation folder once you have installed the programme. This way you wont be keeping clutter on your pc. There is a great little programe called CCleaner which cleans a lot of mess off your pc. You have the option to let this programme run at start when your pc boots up. This is a good idea because you do not need to remember to start it.

I have created a list below of some free programs to help keep your pc clean. Do not ever be tempted to be on the Internet without any kind of anti-virus software because this will lead to problems. Im sure the last thing you would want to do is take your pc to a repair shop and have them tell you the bill is 60 pound. All because you thought “it wont effect me” Viruses can effect anybody with a pc.

This free anti virus software list was created for all the people out there who want free software. We can not all afford to pay for antivirus software, but that is OK because there is plenty of free software which will do the job just as good as any paid version if it is used right. Below you will find the list I have started on which provides free anti virus software

It is all free, malware protection we all need it
free anti virus softwarefree spyware & adware softwareoptimization software
AVGa-squaredAdvanced System Care
PCToolsMalwarebytes Clarysoft
AviraAd-Aware free 
Online Scanner

The main difference between free anti virus and paid for besides the price is this. Paid for software tends to cater for both Virus and Adware so you use 1 bit of software for 2 jobs. When we use free software I find it better to use something like Avast (free) which will protect us against Viruses. I run that along side of software like Ad-Aware free version which protects me against things like Adware.

Now remember this there is NO point running all of this free anti virus software if we do not use it. Scan your PC on a regular basis because the free software you install from this page is your first line of defence and it’s cheaper than paying someone to scan your PC for you.If you know of any free software that will help protect someone’s PC and you think it should be listed here let me know on my questions page. You can find that at this link. Why pay when you can have it for free.

 Just as a side note I infected my PC with a browser hiyjacker on purpose 🙂 Spybot was unable to even detect this Malware let alone remove it. Malwarebytes also failed to detect this Malware telling me the system was clean. SUPERAntiSpyware did detect this Malware and remove it.

Do you want me to tell you what Malware is read on by clicking here.

This website aims to provide free online PC help, if there is a tutorial you would like to see on this site you can contact me through this link. 

Some times a tutorial is not enough and people need someone to do something for them. If that is the case then you can email me using this link. My charges are very competitive. So download your free anti virus software today before it is to late.

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