What Is ROMWhat Is ROM

Introduction to routers in a WAN NVRAM has the following characteristics and functions: Provides storage for the startup configuration file Retains content when a router is powered down or restarted Flash memory has the following characteristics and functions: Holds the IOS image Allows software to be updated without removing and

Frame RelayFrame Relay

frame relay quick notes       This page is quick notes for people wanting a run down on Frame Relay. Frame Relay is a high performance Wan protocol that operates at the physical and data layers of the OSI model. Devices attached to frame relay fall in to 2 categories 1, DTE,

What is FlashWhat is Flash

Role of routers in a WAN Download a decimal to binary converter Flash – Flash memory is used for storage of a full Cisco IOS software image. The router normally acquires the default IOS from flash. These images can be upgraded by loading a new image into flash. The IOS may